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I-Power, by St. John’s Nutrition, is a total eye health formula. 60 vegetarian capsules, 600 mg. per capsule of a proprietary blend of Bilberry, Ginkgo Biloba, Eyebright, Lutein, Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, E, and Selenium.



I-Power , by St. John’s Nutrition, was developed to help increase circulation, strengthens capillaries, and prevent nutritional deficiencies that attribute to poor eye health and aging.

Your ability to see plays a huge role in your quality of life and your ability to effortlessly interact with other people and the world around you. So it’s in your best interest to care for your vision and visual health throughout life.

Along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, St. John’s Nutrition supplement, I-Power, is a great way to ensure you’re getting the nutrients your body needs for optimal visual function. Especially for those who suffer from eye problems or who have a concern about eye health in the future and the effects of aging on the eyes, I-Power is the answer.

As an addition to the daily diet, take 1 capsule twice daily with meals or as directed by your health care professional.

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